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The Diet Fix by Yoni Freedhoff

The Diet Fix is a great alternative to the empty diet books out there. Rather than giving a ‘one size fits all’ narrow approach to dieting, the author discuses the different types of diets, why they do and don’t work, … Continue reading

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One Simple Change by Winnie Abramson

One Simple Change is a very friendly and easy to digest set of suggestions on how to make your life healthier.  As with many heath and fitness books, their strength for me really lies on whether the author is making … Continue reading

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Homeworld (Odyssey One – Book 4) by Evan Currie

Homeworld is the third (but not final) book in the Odyssey One series. It has a very definite arc ending and fans of the series will find this a satisfying end to that arc with a glimpse of how Currie … Continue reading

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Undertow (Undertow Book 1)

Undertow is a well-written YA novel suitable for early teens. The story has adventure, romance, some twists and surprises, and a great setting in old Cape Cod. The story follows teen Eila as she struggles to make ends with her … Continue reading

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Agamemnon Frost and the Crown of Towers

Agamemnon Frost and the Crown of Towers completes the 3 novella series with a satisfying ending to one of the most unique books I have read all year. Part science fiction, part fantasy, part steampunk, part Victorian historical, and with … Continue reading

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Cracked By Eliza Crewe

This is an extremely well written and darkly funny book that doesn’t pander to the reader nor skew to youth.  Rather, it is a very fun adventure that effortlessly throws out pithy sarcasm and witty bon mots with equal zeal.  … Continue reading

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Agamemnon Frost and the Hollow Ships (Agamemnon Frost #2) by Kim Knox

The second Frost Novella sees Mason and Frost acting as double agents hoping to smoke out the aliens.  Frost’s fiancee, Theadora, may still be alive and Mason isn’t quite sure how to handle that situation considering his growing attachment to … Continue reading

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