Lunar Heat by Susan Kearney

Lunar Heat is a sexy romance with some sci fi thrown in (take out the sci fi elements and you’d have a modern thriller romance).  It is an easy, non demanding read with all the hot action you’d expect from Kearney.


Movie star Shara Weston has retired to a small asteroid above the Earth to get away from the reporters and paparazzi. She is enjoying her retreat until the day a man falls from the sky and survives.  Cade Archer has come from another planet to harvest the Earth’s salt to save his people. But his people are in conflict, enslaved by a small number of psychic users and only he can help free them with Shara’s help. But it may destroy the Earth in the process.  Can Shara reconcile her attraction to Cade against the knowledge he is very likely going to destroy the Earth?

The book has Kearney’s quirky characters, an evil villain, and another romance with two side characters. There’s a lot of action as the two go on the run to escape Cade’s evil brother and her friends will be drawn into the danger.  The pace is fast and there is a lot of action.

If I have a nitpick, it is that this doesn’t feel very sci fi since it takes place on Earth and uses a lot of modern earth colloquialisms and conventions – it felt very 2013, not some time in the future when space travel and exploration are conquered. Private eyes, newspaper reporters, movie stars, idyllic tropical like retreats, kooky psychic….I would have liked more sci fi world building (replace ships with cars, aliens with foreign citizens, and it is a modern romance).

Received as an ARC from the publisher.

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