Midnight Secretary 5 by Tomu Ohmi

Author/Illustrator Tomu Ohmi hit her stride by volume 4 and tightened both the story and the artwork. In this, Volume 5 of 7, the couple confront their true feelings for each other and finally recognize they are more than their labels (secretary, vampire).


Kaya is still unsure about the nature of Kyouhei’s relationship with fellow vampire Marika. She is told it is one of mutal backgrounds: both ostracized by the vampire community. But Marika does not like Kyouhei’s interest in Kaya and fears his secretary is destroying everything in which he takes pride. But Kyouhei knows what he wants and if it takes drastic measures such as blood substitute tablets, he will do it.

This volume is an exploration of their roles: is Kaya more than just a secretary and what exactly does it mean that Kyouhei is a vampire. For those roles are keeping the two apart and they will have to really recognize their true selves in order to move the relationship further.

Reviewed from an ARC

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