Ponies of Chincoteague by Catherine Hapka

Maddie’s Dream is a well written and modern story inspired by the story Misty of Chiincoteague by Marguerite Henry. Main character Maddie is a good, strong, role model who is loyal to her friends and in love with her pony Cloudy. She will be faced with tough decisions but with help from her friends, come out on top.


Story: Maddie loves two things: soccer and the pony she rides at a local riding stable, Cloudy. When Cloudy’s previous owners come to reclaim the pony, she is desperately afraid she will lose her friend. Meanwhile, a State-wide champion soccer team wants to recruit her – meaning long travel days away from Cloudy. With the support of her friends at the stable as well as the ones from her online Chincoteague riders group, she will learn how to do the right thing for both Cloudy and herself.

Maddie’s character is well written. I read the story to my 11 year old and she enjoyed reading of the exploits of Maddie as she goes out riding with her pony or deals with her siblings. The conflict is light but definitely engaging: Maddie is so afraid Cloudy will return to her previous owners, people Maddie is sure wouldn’t know how to care for the pony. In all, Maddie definitely feels like a tween.

In all, we both enjoyed reading this story of a Chincoteague pony and her rider.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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