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Genesis by Nathan Edmondson (writer), Alison Sampson (artist)

About the time things started to go bad with his wife after intercourse, it became painfully obvious this was an exploration of Sigmund Freud’s structural model (Id, Ego, Superego).  While I enjoy a challenging graphic novel, and the graphic novel … Continue reading

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The Taking by Kimberly Derting

The Taking is one of those books whose plot hinges on a key antagonist – if written poorly, we end up with an anticlimax. If plotted well, we get something new and interesting.  Oddly enough, Derting’s book manages to skate … Continue reading

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Meridian (Arclight 2) by Josein Mcquein

Resuming where Arclight left off, Mmeridian is the second in the series and ambles slowly through most of the plot until finally a conflict and then ending. Without resolving much at the end, a lot of the book feels padded … Continue reading

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The Education of Bet by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

I’ll be honest – I was incredibly bored throughout the entire book. It is told in a very passive voice and I didn’t get a sense of the adventure, danger, or romance. The one impression I was left with was … Continue reading

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Dengeki Daisy 1 by Motomi Kyousuke

What’s really great about this series is that the main character, Teru, is a strong girl who knows how to take care of herself but also finds she needs help as well. Kurosaki, the mysterious school janitor who knows more … Continue reading

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Twilight at the World of Tomorrow by James Mauro

I have to admit to having a fascination with the Worlds Fairs in New York and worried this book would either be an overdramatic novelization or a dry as bone read. I was pleasantly surprised, instead, to find a well … Continue reading

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Fast Track Photographer by Dane Sanders

The budding professional photographer has a library of photography-related topics available in book form: technical (“Understanding Exposure”), business (“Best Business Practices for Photographers”), inspiration (name your favorite photographer coffee book), and now motivational (“Fast Track Photographer”). Honestly, if you’ve ever … Continue reading

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