Dengeki Daisy 1 by Motomi Kyousuke

What’s really great about this series is that the main character, Teru, is a strong girl who knows how to take care of herself but also finds she needs help as well. Kurosaki, the mysterious school janitor who knows more about her than she realizes, has a challenging mystery to his character and great tenderness hidden under a lackadaisical attitude. And a cast of side characters that make the book very funny but also very touching.


The series feels very much like a mix of the best parts of HanaKimi (humor and wild characters) and Hana Yori Dango (strong heroine and humor). It’s at parts very funny and very romantic – but also very serious. But unlike Hanakimi and HYD, Dengeki Daisy has a strong plot revolving around several mysteries. Just when one mystery is solved, you find the story runs much much deeper. Who is Daisy? What is Kurosaki’s secret? What happened to her brother? Was her brother really the good guy she thought he was? What is her brother’s connection to the hacker society and Kurosaki? Is Daisy really the good guy she thinks he is? Even Daisy’s nickname has very serious and deadly origins.

Throughout the overall big plot mysteries, Teru has to solve life’s challenges and smaller myseries – bullying, friendships, and balancing home/school life alone. And she has to do it while alternately being bossed around and protected by the enigmatic school janitor Kurosaki.

The deeper into the volumes you get, the better the series gets. This manga has been one of the most enjoyable reads of any manga I’ve owned. And it’ll immortalize the phrase, “Go bald, Kursoaki!” forever for me.

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