Little Guide to Vintage Shopping by Melody Fortier

What I love about this book is that it fills a hole that is such an issue for those who love vintage or antique clothing: it goes into the actual realities of owning the clothes. Most vintage shoppers start out knowing they love an era but stumble along the way when it comes to actually owning the clothes. Issues such as choosing the right item for the right price, how to care for that item once it has been bought, and where to find the proper accessories are all covered neatly.


I’ve bought and sold antique and vintage clothing for 12 years now and always there are the buyers who know they have a love but don’t know about the actual items they are buying. The needs for proper storage and care, detraction that cannot be fixed and therefore ruin the item, and why sizing and styles may not be suitable for actual use. This book can easily make its cost back in savings from making even one poor choice.

It is quick and easy to read and use as a reference – it’s not meant to be a reference encyclopedia full of vintage terms. Rather, it is meant to be a reference when actually shopping for vintage items.

Save yourself heartbreak and lost money from buying a fake, a poor quality, or an ill fitting item. Reviewed from an ARC

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