Rebel (Reboot 2) by Amy Tintera

Rebel, the second and final book in the series, manages a feat unprecedented in YA dystopian: our strong heroine remains so throughout the entire series, without needing to turn into a mush of emotions or weaknesses. Neither the plot nor her beau Callum emasculate her in any way; she will even manage to save herself before any help can arrive. Those who enjoyed the first book will definitely enjoy the second: all the action and kicking of butt in a strong and very likeable main character.


Story: this time told from both Callum and Wren’s POV, our story continues where book 1 left off: the group has arrived at the reboot rebellion camp. But things are not necessarily better and the brutal actions of the reboot leader mean that Wren, Callum, and Addie are going to find life outside just as difficult as the inside.

Although a lot of the YA dystopian cliches are there (leading to a bit of an anticlimatic ‘dystopian fatigue syndrome’ feel when reading), it is such a pleasure to follow a strong lead character that I could easily ignore it. As well, Callum is given something to do this time, rather than just being a distraction or liability to Wren.  The addition of Addie brings extra spark to the situation.

Most of the plot is action and someone being damaged in some way. To rate this 5 stars, I would have liked to see Wren’s exploration of the idea that a high reboot number really doesn’t mean less emotion. Throughout the story, we’re not necessarily given a lot of evidence to suggest the premise of ‘higher number, more lethal’. But again, because there’s so much action, there really isn’t a lot of time given to introspection.

In all, a decent dystopian with a great female character who actually makes sense and doesn’t weaken or falter because of a love interest.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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