The Life Plan Diet by Jeffry S Life

The life Plan Diet is a lifestyle change program designed specifically for men. The diet focuses on belly fat (‘beer belly’) and how getting that under control will allow all kinds of health benefits to fall into place. This isn’t a short term fad diet (e.g., paleo) and he raises all the right concerns and motivations needed to create lasting and permanent changes toward health and happiness.


The book breaks down as follows: chapter 1: Age Management through Waist Management (look younger and feel better with weight loss); chapter 2 covers slimming down to stay smart and calm; chapter 3 is about setting goals and changing the way you look at food; chapter 4 goes into the science and latest findings about food and nutrition; chapter 5 discusses drinking and alcohol, chapter 6 goes over the Life Plan Diet and how it works; chapter 7-11 are tailored diets (Jump Start, Basic Health, Fat Burning, Hearth Health); chapter 11 has recipes from his wife Annie, and the last several chapters go over hormones, vitamins, supplements, and moving forward beyond week 9.

The plans are 9 weeks in length and though there is no exercise plan included, dieters are encouraged to begin an exercise routine. Also suggested is a 3 day fasting to reset the system and to burn calories more efficiently.

Since the book is tailored for men, there is quite a lot of discussion about what poor health/obesity does to sexual prowess – from ED to lack of motivation. As well, hormone issues including ‘manboobs’, lessened testosterone, increased estrogen, and specifically how diets affect the male physique.

This diet plan is a bit different in that there is a great focus on protein and muscle health. Other diets that can damage or weaken muscle tones are discussed and I think most men will find that very useful. The author wants to encourage men to build up muscle tone and not do anything to damage or make toning difficult.

The only let down are the recipes. I like that they are simple and use every day ingredients (thank heavens, no spirulina or odd health-store only stuff). But the directions are in paragraph form rather than step by step, which can be problematic to follow. And there are no images, so they are harder to reference and you have no idea how the final product is to look. The Kindle version is especially clunky and I highly recommend purchasing the physical copy of this book (the presentation and layout are much better in the physical copy).

Since the author is a doctor, there are health checklists to make sure you aren’t taxing your body with the diet. I like that this isn’t a gung ho diet and instead does take into consideration various lifestyles and physical situations, from morbidly obese to those with heart problems. Safety is definitely a concern.

The appendix includes a Life Plan Journal. My advanced review copy did not have the index so I do not know if there is an ingredients list.

This is a good starting point for men who need a healthier lifestyle and to help them understand what the obesity is doing to their bodies.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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