Dragon Age Library Edition, Volume 1

Dragon Age Library Edition collects the 3 comic issues that start the King Maric story arc. Beautifully illustrated and staying true to the DA Origins universe, there’s a lot here to love. The cover gives a good idea of what you will get: A story centered around Alistair, now King, but also predominantly featuring Varric and Isabela. This really is for those into the Dragon Age game: non-game players will be lost without the history and lore of the DA universe.


The story starts with Alistair on a quest with Isabela and Varric to track down clues about his father – the king who was believed to be captured and not killed. Through the three stories, Alistair will get closer to finding his father. And at the same time, we will learn a lot more about Varric and Isabela’s pasts as well. New characters (a female Qunari, a swamp witch, a ‘mae west’ inspired mage) add dimension to the story.

This collected volume includes notes written on the side of the book about various topics, from how the panels were inked/colored to ideas about the plot and intentions when writing. At first, I felt they might be too annoying, taking me out of the story and distracting. But this is a book that’s great to read through without peeking at the notes – and then go back in subsequent readings and check out the side panels. I could wish for a bit fewer back pats and congratulations to the other contributors in the notes – but it is what it is.

There is a lot of story within these three stories and a good several hours for just the first read. A lot of value for the money and the production values are superb.

This definitely whet my appetite for the next release of the game – one of my all time favorites. As much effort, story, and art went into the game, so too went into these three stories. I rate this four stars instead of five due to it not completing the arc in this volume and instead ending abruptly.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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