Altered Destiny by Shawna Thomas

Although only alluded to in the book, this is actually a dystopian acting as a fantasy. It’s strength is  fairly grounded main character who doesn’t rush off constantly so she can be saved by mysterious bad guy. But it’s weakness is that there really is nothing new here and the writing lacks sophistication enough to really draw me in. I never invested in the story or the characters and honestly was a bit bored throughout. It started to play out more like a bodice ripper romance than a fantasy.


Selia owns a tavern and can take care of herself – good with both blade and her brain. When she rescues a man she soon discovers is one of the reviled Svistra, she will embark on a quest that will pit her against both her people and the Svistra. At its heart, though, is her growing love of the Svistra warrior she rescued.

This dystopian world is not too terrible: clealry the Svistra are genetic mutations meant to enhance their physical abilities.  This put them at odds with the normal humans, who mistrust them and continually break treaties.  Author Thomas has a lot of fun with the world, imagining all kinds of mutations from whatever caused the world to revert back to medieval trappings.

But as the story progressed, I really began to lose interest. There was nothing really new added to the dystopian or fantasy genre (though I appreciate the author didn’t have to spell out that this was a dystopian and not a fantasy). I honestly had read this type of plot often in historical romances, especially Scottish, and at this stage in my reading, I really want something different and more unique.

The writing is decent and I was able to follow the story well.  I listened to the Audible version and the narrator did a decent job.

This is the type of book that is great for those who want a romance.  Perhaps less so for those who want a fantasy or dystopian.

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