Crimson Spell Volume 5 by Ayano Yamane

The boys still looks prettier than the girls in Volume 5 of Crimson Spell, a guilty pleasure of love and lust published by Sublime. Beautiful illustrations and a humorous storyline continue to please – as Vald and Havi come to realize the true depths of their relationship.


Plot: Our intrepid group arrives at the Zenedoura empire – a strange place where ordinary people carry stones which imbue magic powers.  But Vald soon discovers an evil secret behind the stones. Will this home of Limris, the sorcer and former council of Zenedoura freed by Vald and Havi, provide them the answers to end the Prince’s curse or forever seal their fate? Or will Lim succumb to his memories of the past and use Vald as a means to restore his power?

In volume 5, we begin to see more of the ‘big evil’ of the story: the sorcerer Asterdol. As well, Limris’s connection to Vald’s ancestor and the curse are explained a bit more. The means to free Vald of the curse really must lie in Zenedoura.

The high fantasy concept of Crimson Spell matched with pretty eye candy make this such an enjoyable read. Ayano Yamane has been very consistent throughout the series and Volume 5 is no exception.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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