How to Knit by Leslie Ann Bestor

I really am the target audience for this book: I have no knitting experience whatsoever but have always wanted to learn. This book is friendly, has quite a few illustrations, tips and tricks, and how to correct mistakes. As well, understanding different types and sizes of needles, yarns, and reading patterns are discussed in depth. It’s a great starting point for beginning knitting.


The book is broken down as follows: Chapter 1: when you’re ready to cast on. Chapter 2: The basic stitches: knit, purl, and slip. Chapter 3, Shaping up your knitting with increases and decreases. Chapter 4: We all make mistakes.  Chapter 5: Getting down to the tools and materials. Chapter 6: Learning to decipher patterns. And appendices which include: knitting abbreviations, knitting needle size conversion chart, craft yarn council table of yarn weights and yarn label symbols.  Then resources and an index.  Within each chapter, information is broken down into helpful subsections, everything from changing to a new ball of yarn to What the heck is gauge?

I have several books from Storey Basics and they are all very good.  Illustrated rather than with pictures so the learning is clean and easy (photographs can be really problematic sometimes due to lighting issues or angles). The tone is always friendly and encouraging – it’s like having a master sitting next to you teaching you what you need to know.

I used this book to buy my first needles and with my 11 year old, together we knit our first few rows. It was pretty exciting for both of us and I want to thank the author for writing such a user-friendly tutorial and guide. With a bit more practice, we’re going to try a simple scarf!

Reviewed from an ARC.

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