Bandoned: America’s Vanishing Landscape by Eric Holubow

I have seen a lot of urban exploration / urban archeology images and books over the years. But this is, hands down, one of the best. Using full page spreads of meticulously shot and processed images, these other-worldly images are both art and emotion. A glimpse of past that is very telling about the current world in which we live.


As a photographer, I have to admit I was wowed by every single shot. There is technique – most photographers can pick up a camera and shoot an image. But the angles, compositions, and how he shot the buildings took technique into art. I really have to commend the artistic eye – using the right lens, right lighting, and right choices from start to finish to create stirring, imaginative, and ultimately very emotive imagery.

The processing of the images is a very tasteful HD – no over-the-top saturated colors or unnatural highlights/shadows. Instead, the HD is used to bring out all the details in very high contrast and difficult lighting situations. As such, details are left a bit in the shadows or brights but not completely lost as they would have been if shot using available lighting.

Pictures are captioned so viewers know exactly what they are seeing. As well, there are personal observations about several of the locations that are very informative and add to the story of the abandoned buildings.

At just over 200 pages, this book is a feast for the eyes but also for the heart. Broken down into type of building (e.g., theater, hospital, school, etc.) it also allows for an examination of different types of forgotten architecture across the American landscape.

In all, highest recommendations. This is an exquisite book worthy of repeat viewing and very well presented.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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