One is Enough by Love

More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog</p></i>For me, story, plot, translation, editing, cleaning, and artwork all felt off. While I understand it is doujinshi/indie work from an unpublished artist/author, I don’t necessarily feel it warranted a release from Gen (who are giving us indie manga from Japan).


This story is a common one in yaoi manga titles: girlie boy falls for bad boy who has trauma issues. One cries a lot, the other acts all tough and studly, and you add in a best friend madly in love with the girlie boy and holding onto his unrequited love.  There was little compelling me to read this other than to finish it for a review (though I did like the character of Sora and wish HE was the protagonist).

While the writing flatlined quickly, the art was all over the place. I could see several different influences, across many decades, with no consistency throughout. Characters looked different between panels, sometimes very feminine and others time too much like another character. At times, the illustrations were quite good and at other times, really anatomically ‘off’ in odd ways. It didn’t even have the feel of the best doujinshi, which at least tend to be consistent.

Further compounding the issue for me is the weird translation cleaning/editing. Sometimes, it was solid and other times just handwriting over Japanese symbols like a first pass from a scanlation group. I can’t help but feel this greatly needs an editor and heavy revisions well before it becomes published.

There was definitely something ‘off’ about this manga.  Reviewed from an ARC.

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