Out of the Black by Evan Currie

Out Of The Black is an exuberant, action-packed, and wildly fun conclusion to the Odyssey One series.  Although not all our questions were answered and the door was left open to continue a new series in the same world, we get a very definite conclusion as the Odyssey One crashes into Earth.


Story: Weston survives the destruction of the Odyssey One as it crashes into New York City in a last bid attempt to take out as many enemy as possible. The planet is under full assault by a massive Drasin force – from Beijing to Dallas, Cities fall to infestation and millions are dying.  Weston picks up local heroes and tries to hold the City from complete destruction. But if help doesn’t come, Earth will be razed. And the Priminae are very unlikely to join the battle.

Listening to this Audible reading was like watching a Bruckheimer film – over the top macho swagger, non stop action, yet in a really fun way.  Sure, Weston is raised to godlike proportions – now he’s a military genius, assault specialist, hidden secret agent who saved the confederation, directly linked to Mother Earth Gaia, and more.  As well, his former ‘covert team’ is reassembled and they read like a cliche of every movie character in the past from femme fatale to James Bbond.  And if I make a lot of movie references in this review, it’s because this book is just so cinematic. Tarantino without the blood and guts.

The entire plot of the book is the battle for Earth, told from many perspectives. There is very little Priminae here – it’s all about NYPD, marines, Texas Rangers, Chinese generals, and more. There are definitely a lot of archtypes to go around.

In all, a very fun, almost silly, but ultimately enjoyable final volume in the Odyssey One series.

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