Prototype by M.D. Waters

This duology (Archetype and Prototype) tops my favorite read list of 2014.  A mixture of compelling storyline, very human characters, a complex plot, and plenty of action propel an intelligent, feisty, but very strong female protagonist. And at its heart is a gentle romance that isn’t rushed and instead is allowed to breathe.


Story: Emma has escaped Declan but he will not give her up easily. Hunted, hounded, and unable to find her birth parents, Emma is running out of options – worse, Declan has hinted she is running out of time.

Typically, a dystopian story tends to fall apart once the utopian society is breached and the heroine finds herself with the rebellion.  Not so here; Emma is resourceful, smart, and makes appropriate (even if wrong sometimes) decisions. She’s a character we like and want to root for as she navigates life as a clone in a society that despises what she is and what she represents. The dialogue is believable, the reactions appropriate, and there is a maturity to the writing and characters.

Noah played a small part in the first book but he’s front and center in this second book.  There is no insta love or easy answers for him or anyone else now that Emma has returned. But a very well rounded and distinct set of supporting characters really flesh out the book and no one feels like cardboard.  Each person lives, with a distinct personality, and their own quirks.

There are a few coincidences too many and the clone plot still isn’t greatly explained. But there is more than enough there to satisfy. I enjoyed every minute of reading this book and really took my time to savor every sentence.  That’s a rare luxury considering the amount of books I read a year.

I greatly look forward to M.D. Waters’ next novel.  Highly recommended for those who like a subtle sci fi dystopian with a nicely developed romance at its heart.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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  1. Great review! Might check this out.

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