Strange and Ever After by Susan Dennard

The worldbuilding continues to be the standout in this final volume of the Something Strange and Deadly Series. Although overall very uneven in tone and characters, the sheer imagination and inventiveness really made this a standout. I also greatly respect that the author refused to give us a typical or expected happily every after ending.


Story: Eleanor and the Spirit Hunters track Marcus to Marseilles and then to Egypt. But Marcus is continually one step ahead of them and very soon they discover horrors waiting under the Cairo sands. For although it may seem that Marcus is seeking immortality, his true goal is far more personal. And the only things standing in his way are Daniel’s inventiveness, Jie’s boldness, Joseph’s electricity, Oliver’s demon powers, and Eleanor’s own necromancy.

Author Dennard really ramped up the action with this volume, allowing a suitable progression (but also needed limitations) on Elanor’s necromancy powers. What was especially rewarding is that Eleanor must learn hard lessons while also learning a lot more about all her companions – not all of whom may be on her side.

Great use was made of the Egyptian locations and there was definitely enough action to keep a reader riveted. What seemed like a simple romance in book one blossomed into a wild adventure across the globe utilizing supernatural and steampunk elements in really creative ways.  At no time did I guess where the story was going.

In all, a good read and with a story that definitely improved greatly by the end.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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