Blue Morning Volume 5 by Shoko Hidaka

Volume 5 takes the political game deep as Akihito and Tomoyuki set plans in motion and maneuver through the imperial restoration landscape.  The romance is put on hold since most of the volume takes place at a gala thrown by the snobby Marquise Moriyama. It’s really the culmination of the first five volumes, with all the players coming into play and each maneuvering in unpredictable ways. Author/illustrator Hidaka notes at the finish of this volume that the end of the series is in sight.


Story: The Moriyamas throw a gala ball – bringing together luminaries from across the political landscape. Into the mix will be thrown everyone from party crashing Ishizaki to Akihito’s sick half uncle. Akihito is determined to throw away the Kuze title in order to claim Tomoyuki. But Tomoyuki is also playing a deep game and calling in very important favors in order to protect the Kuze name. Now that Akihito has put himself into the limelight, the nobles are determined to manipulate the young viscount for their own benefit.

This is definitely a volume that bears repeat readings to understand all the depths and nuances of the political game.  To offset the lack of romance, Hidaka included some beautiful frontispieces for each chapter showing Akihito And Tomoyuki in compromising situations.

Blue Morning continues to impress – from the deep historical storyline, clean line drawings, to emotional romance.  This is definitely one of my favorite series of all time.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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