Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

This is the second manga classic adaptation in the series and I liked this much better than the Pride and Prejudice version.  The illustrations are better and make more sense for the story. As well, condensing a book that size is quite a challenge yet the story does still make sense even distilled this drastically.


Story: Jean Valjean is a criminal given a chance to reform. He takes on the responsibility of raising a dying woman’s daughter, a pitiful orphan left to the cruelty of others. Valjean changes his name and tries to hide from the do-good inspector Javert – but their paths continually cross. Cosette grows up, falls in love with a boy, and a revolution is the backdrop for the final confrontation between Javert and Valjean.

This is definitely ‘mangafied’ but unlike Pride and Prejudice, the gravity of the book has remained intact. Javert looks suitable self righteous, Valjean put upon, and Cosette cute. Eponine also is drawn in a way that suits her character.

I doubt this is the way most would want to get their kids to experience the classics; certainly, reading this I don’t feel a need to go out and get the doorstop-sized tome. But it is an enjoyable read all the same.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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