Dawn of the Arcana Volume 13 by Rei Toma

Dawn of the Arcana Volume 13 ends the series on a triumphant note. Assured storytelling combined with Toma’s trademark soft pathos combine to create a finale so perfect for this story. With several twists, don’t expect a happy ever after but definitely know that so much of the foreshadowing the in the first volume really make a lot of sense now in the final volume.


Story: Loki has demanded that Nakaba give up Seinen to him. Caesar and Nakaba are left with a choice – kill Loki or acquiesce to his plans to separate the Ajin from the humans completely. Nakaba’s heart is broken and not even Caesar can heal what Loki has done. But the Arcana has one last gift for Nakaba – a view into Loki’s heart.

I really enjoyed this series. Toma never took the easy route for the characters and situations she created – making parts of the storyline very sad and several characters uniquely tragic. Although it would appear the series was about Nakaba or Nakaba/Caesar, in reality, it’s clear at the end that the story was really about Loki and Nakaba. Especially, their past and history together.

The ending chapters are mostly pictures that really showcase Toma’s clean illustration style. She allows the images to tell the story, as Nakaba finally comes to understand both Loki’s unswerving loyalty as well as his bitter betrayal. This ending comes at the right time; enough story to enjoy but not enough to where it drags out and becomes tedious to continue.

Fans of the series will definitely want to make sure to pick up this final volume. And then immediately afterwards, go back and read the first volume to really understand Loki and so much of the foreshadowing in this well plotted storyline.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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