His Favorite, Volume 7 by Suzuki Tanaka

His Favorite has really grown on me. At first, I can’t say I was a fan of either the story or the artwork. Yoshida was drawn so crazy as to be a bit offputting (especially in a genre like yaoi, which is typically populated by beautiful male characters). But the more I read, the more I really like it. It’s fun, a bit zany, and somehow the lack of romantic interaction of the leads (read: m/m lust) doesn’t bother.


Story: Nishida is still after Yoshida – much to Sato’s annoyance. But when a transfer student appears and is completely at a loss with Yoshida, it becomes clear fast that the new student is connected to Nishida in some way.  Sato, meanwhile, is tired of the games and ready to confess to the school that he and Yoshida are in a relationship.  Will the girls explode when they find out?

Volume 7 is a bit of a turning point in Yoshida and Sato’s relationship in that they can finally come out to everyone.  The results are surprising – but very in keeping with Tanaka’s zany series. I liked that this volume focuses on Sato and Yoshida only – I haven’t found the side characters, as unique as they are, to be nearly as interesting. The humor, as always, put a smile on my face and I chuckled out loud when reading. This volume was particularly amusing.

His Favorite is a breathe of fresh air in the oh-so-serious yaoi/shounen ai genre. I look forward to every volume release.  Reviewed from an ARC.

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