Deadman Wonderland 5 by Jinsei Kataoka, Kazuma Kondou

In Deadman Wonderland 5, we get more backstory on Nagi, leader of the rebels, and an epic battle at the end. Ganta comes to understand just how useless he really is – and that he is going to have to get serious if he is going to save his friends. This volume ends the anime arc as well – after this, the manga is where you’ll read more about how crazy the story is about to get!


Story: Shiro is inconsolable after Ganta’s betrayal. And everything seems to have fallen apart with the rebels as their leader, Nagi, is captured and the Undertakers have them cornered. It looks as if no one will be able to get the data chips out of the prison – until a sudden savior appears. Meanwhile, another coup is just about to begin – this time from the management!

There was a surprising amount of pathos in this issue.  A lot of characters were broken down so they could be manipulated or rebuilt into something stronger. Shiro plays less of a role in her sulk but a new, very scary, character introduces himself to her. There is a LOT of foreshadowing at the end of this story arc (the rebel data chips getting to the inspectors) about just how things are about to break loose in the prison. Since we know the authors have no problem killing off characters, it will be interesting to see who lives and who dies.

Deadman Wonderland continues with its trademark violence, humor, and long story endgame.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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