Happy Marriage?! 8 by Maki Enjoji

Fortunately, in this volume there are fewer manufactured drama episodes that made the couple look silly and a greater focus on the couple growing closer together.


Story: Hokuto has recognized that Chiwa’s happiness is tied closely to his own.  He decides it is time to step down from his current CEO position and instead take over a smaller subdivision operating in the end. His bargain with his grandfather is simple: if he can make the company profitable in a year, then his grandfather will make him the heir. But it is going to take hard work and make it difficult on the couple. Especially since Chiwa keeps becoming involved in freak accidents that are starting to make the couple suspicious someone may have it out for Chiwa.

When Chiwa and Hokuto fought in this episode, is was for more realistic reasons such as Hokuto working too hard and taking frustrations out on Chiwa. I preferred those angsty moments to the usual tropes of miscommunication and overreaction that were the hallmarks of the earlier volumes. It’s nice to see Hokuto fully commit and the couple are slowly but surely finally coming into the same wavelength.

There’s some interesting reconciliation with Hokuto’s father and Chiwa finally gets to stand up for herself and her relationship a bit with Hokuto’s ex.  As well, the Asahina subplot was resolved in a good way. It will be interesting getting more clues as to who has targeted Chiwa for injury and why.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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