Seraph Of The End 2 by Takaya Kagami, Yamato Yamamoto

I still haven’t decided if I like Seraph of the End or not.  The plot is interesting, there are a lot of mysteries, and it looks like we are going to have a grand cast of characters and abilities. The secondary characters are interesting but I still haven’t bonded to main character Yuichiro Hyakuya. Most of the time, I am wishing the scenes with him would end sooner since he’s a one note pony right now.


Story: Four years after Yuichiro escaped from the vampires, he’s still desperate to get his hands on a cursed sword. Now that the exams are coming up to test for suitability, ‘lone wolf’ Yuichiro is having a hard time getting along with comrades; indeed, he gets into fights with one particular student, Kimizuki, constantly. But when it comes time to take the test, it is clear that both boys have something they wish to protect or avenge. And they had better hurry and earn their demon blades – the Vampire army is marching and we’re set up for a confrontation between new vampire Mikaela and former best friend Yuichiro.

Takaya Kagami is taking this story at a languid pace, unfolding the world building a bit at a time. After two volumes, I am still left with a lot of questions and had hoped we’d get into the battles before now. But the addition of Kimizuki and how he balances Yuichiro is enough to pique my interest and want more. And well, I really want to see how each of the demon cursed weapons work and how they are used by the new graduates.

In all, I’m curious to see where this will go in Volume 3.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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