World Trigger 2 by Daisuke Ashihara

World Trigger 2 continues exactly where volume 1 left off, with Ai about to battle a Neighbor. What these chapters bring is more information about the Border Agency as well as the neighbors.  New types of monsters will appear and it becomes obvious that the Neighbor menace is escalating. But most importantly, we learn why the Neighbors are attacking Earth.


Story: A new type of flying bomber Neighbor has appeared. Osamu works with Yuma to save the citizens of the City. But Yuma’s power signature is distinct and it is getting harder for Yuma to help Osamu and the City without bring the Border Agency down on him. Osamu also has a friend, a young girl named Chika, who seems to attract the Neighbor monsters and he needs Yuma to find out why. But with the Border Agency hot on Yuma’s, trail will Osamu be able to save Yuma and Chika?

I really like all the shades of grey in this story. No one is evil nor completely good.  Although there is an ever increasing number of side characters, they have all remained very distinct in personalities. It’s fun just to watch the different people come into play around Osamu and Yuma.

Yuma and Osamu continue to impress. Yuma is as insouciant and inscrutable as ever. Osamu continues to be a level headed do-gooder. Together, they make for an interesting tag team that I am enjoying following. Yuma especially is such an interesting and unique character.

We’re given quite a few answers in this volume about the Neighbors and why the humans are targeted. But at the same time, it’s clear that there is so much more to come as the monsters continue to escalate their attacks – and only Yuma has the answers the Border Agency needs to protect the Earth.

Volume 3 can’t come out fast enough!

Reviewed from an ARC.

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