No Such Thing by Ella Bailey

No Such Thing is a sweet Halloween story of Georgia, her pets, and the ‘mysterious’ happenings around her house.  The illustrations capture a lovely retro-vintage style and clever children will immediately spot the mischievous but cute ghost hiding somewhere in each of the room images.


Story: There are unexplained activities in Georgia’s house – from spiderwebs covering her favorite toys to items disappearing/changing locations. But Georgia is a clever girl and she knows it can’t be the work of ghosts – because there is no such thing!

The story features beautiful, full page illustrations and one-line rhyming sentences for each spread. The illustrations make great use of each room, with all kinds of fun things to explore amidst the ‘chaos’ caused by the ghosts.  As well, hidden somewhere in those full page spreads, lurking behind objects or just leaving the scene of the crime, is a cute little ghost. There’s a lot to enjoy in the illustration work which is clean yet amusingly cluttered by the ghostly activities.  I especially loved that her perplexed black cat was featured in nearly every spread – either as a victim of a ghost or as a spectator.  Whether we saw little cat eyes peeping over a footboard or a furry body dripping from water from an overturned vase, it was all very cute! I also really liked that the art had a distinct ‘homage to the 1950s’ style without actually looking 1950s (perhaps a barcalounger here or a kidney table there).

The story is nicely written with rhyming sentences that keep interest and capture attention in little ones. But really, the fun is reading aloud to a child.  The story is quirky enough to really have fun but never be scary.

In all, a sweet Halloween book of a clever girl and her put-upon cat – and their adventure right before Halloween.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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