Unfettered by Various Authors

As a collection of short stories this is a bit hard to evaluate as a whole given that the entries in it vary quite a bit. There are some I did not enjoy at all and a few that I enjoyed immensely.


Of the best are: “The Old Scale Game” by Tad Williams, which is a very simple and straightforward story with a lot of heart; “The Jester” by Michael J. Sullivan which is very funny; “Keeper of Memory” by Todd Lockwood that managed to capture my imagination, and “Heaven in a Wild Flower” by Blake Charlton which is by far the most apt story for this collection and actually touches the reader.

A few authors venture to flex their literary muscle and perhaps venture too far into the style over substance result.

Unfettered has an impressive variety of stories from very recognized authors; as such, this collection works as a sampler into their works. Personally I could reorder my books-to-read pile having read Unfettered.

The price of the book is worth for the ‘sampler’ approach alone, but with the few really good stories thrown in this is almost a must buy.

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