Feedback by Robison Wells

Feedback is the type of series that will rise or fail based upon the choices made for the final reveal. After book one, there was going to have to be one heck of a surprise to explain the high level of technology of the robots and the reason why the Maxfield Academy exists. Unfortunately, it felt like author Wells wrote himself into a corner and couldn’t come out of the premise with enough of a unique twist. As such, I do admit to a bit of disappointment that I didn’t get the payoff I was expecting at the end of Feedback. But even more problematic was the lack of impetus and action – the story is fairly static for most of the book.

Feedback jkt des3.indd

Story: Benson and Becky escaped from Maxfield – only to be trapped in the village outside. Day in and out, they try to formulate escape plans. But Becky’s grave injury, politics within the village, and the remote location of the Maxfield complex continually derail their plans. But while Benson learns more about the robots, they too are slowly closing in – and ready to bring Benson and Becky back into the fold.

Book 2 is very different from the first: where we had a very aggressive and strong Benson in the first, in the second we have a confused and surprisingly passive character who spends most of his time in half hearted escape attempts and mooning over Jane and Becky. In fact, not a lot happens for most of the book; we do learn more about Maxfield but never really get satisfactory answers.

I think the big problem I had with Feedback was the writing. There were a lot of times I had to reread passages to understand what was happening. 3/4 of the way through the book I gave up on the rereading and just let it go. That did distance me from the story further.

That lack of engagement – in both the writing and the plot – translated into a 3 star rating for me. A better (or more original villain) at the ending might have lifted this a star higher. I don’t regret buying this but at the same time, I had hoped for more.

Note: I listened to the audible version and the narrator did a great job.

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