The Garudian Herd Starfire by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez

Review from my 11 year old:

Starfire is an interesting story that keeps a reader engaged through the entire story.  However, some rather graphic violence throughout was a bit too much and could have been handled better by the author (as done in the Warrior Cats series, for example) so as not to pull out of the fantasy setting. As well, an unusual ending (having to do with the villain) was a welcome change from most books of this type of series.


Story: A young pegasi lacking in confidence yet very powerful must gain the trust of his herd when it is prophesied he could be a destroyer. He will have to prove himself and come into his power in order to do so – and survive the time it will take to do so.

The book was engaging but did leave a lot of the action until the very end. Very typical for a first book in the series (build up and backstory) but the ending did leave room for a lot of adventure to come for the herd.

Although very similar in many regards to Warriors (naming conventions, herds/clans with territories that battle against each other, and follow their own codes, and have prophesies), there is enough difference to make it interesting and unique (not least of which is that it isn’t set on Earth).

My 11 year old recommends it and will be reading the next books in the series.  Reviewed from an ARC.

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