Bleach Volume 62 by Tite Kubo

In volume 62, we have the completion of a series-long subarc full of great pathos as the back story of Captain Komamura completes. This is a great volume for those curious what Komamura looks like in human form, free of the wolf (if only temporarily). As well, we get to see a new bankai from him.


Story: The onslaught of the Quincies continues as captain and vice captains are defeated one by one. Using their stolen bankai against them, the enemies of the seireitei look to be winning the battle. But Urahara may have a solution to the stolen bankai problem. As well, Ichigo, Rukia, and Renji are on the way – but will they get there before the Gotei 13 are ignominiously defeated?

This volume sits squarely in the middle of the first of the Quincy battles. Soi Fon, Hitsugaya, and many others are down and about to be destroyed.  Urahara’s solution could be used – IF Kurotsuji is willing to let him come in and save the day. AND if the Shinigami can survive long enough for help to reach them.

This volume was definitely worth it to complete the story arc of Komamura and his return to the wolf clan. It’s a great moment and one we’ve been waiting for since Komammura was first introduced years ago. He gets a cool new Bankai as well.  Here’s hoping we’ll see more of him in the future.

We all know how Kubo loves to give us ebb and flow in battles. Volume 62 ends just as the Quincies pull back in order to begin a new assault. One far more devastating than the first.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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