World Trigger Volume 4 by Daisuke Ashihara

World Trigger gets better and better with each volume. Contrasting the quieter moments of volume 3, this volume 4 is non stop action. author Ashihara makes great use of his cast of characters and brings them into play at interesting moments. There aren’t any throw aways here – 20+ characters and they are all an intrinsic part of a big picture being built here. We haven’t seen the neighbors attack in awhile and the subtle shift of human politics continue to intrigue. Right now, it’s really about expanding on the characters and trion attributes/abilities.


Story: The battle to save the new recruits begins! The full range of Jin’s black trigger will come into play as he battles to prevent Yuma’s trigger from being stolen. Snipers, gunners, and attacks will all have their moments as Jin enlists the help of a rival division. To save his crew, Jin may have to give up the thing most important to him. But for someone who can see the future, that may be exactly what he wants to do.  Meanwhile, the trio will have to hold their own during official border enlistment day.

Most of the book is non stop action – Jin’s defender group’s tactics used to describe the different type of trigger weapons/ammo. Ashihara creatively brings all the different types into play and makes smart use of the battles to both elucidate and thrill. At the heart, though, is Jin’s rare black trigger and precog ability.

As Jin battles, the trio are getting mentoring from the Border A-class agents.  Yuma and Chika still show hidden talent and Osamu still struggles.  Of course, Osamu’s greatest asset is his leadership skills but he won’t come to recognize that yet. But it is fun watching Yuma take names as he destroys his competition at the enlistment battles.  This volume ends just as the battles begin but clearly the next volume won’t be about surprising abilities so much as players moving around on the big chessboard Ashihara has set up. Every time I think I know where this story will go, it subtly shifts by bringing in a character who changes everything.

Kudos to Viz for picking up this title. After four volumes, it’s still going strong and keeping me completely hooked!  Can’t wait for volume 5!

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