Bleach 63 by Tite Kubo

Bleach 63 is an excellent volume – not only do we get more Renji sass, but finally Yhwach’s powers and background are explained. Icing on the cake was to see both Renji AND Rukia’s new, fully powered up bankais. Ukitake’s bankai is revealed and Kuchiki Byakuya discovers a new version of his zanpakutou. In all, there was a lot of great action as the tide of battles ebbs and turns. And hey, Renji gets to make fun of the Quincies!


Story: Renji and Rukia arrive in Soul Society just as Ukitake and Kensei are taken out by Mask De Masculine. They split up – Renji continuing the battle with Masculine while Rukia encounters As Nodt and his ability of fear. Meanwhile, Vice Captains Kotetsu and Yachiru are ambushed by Gwenael, “The Visionary”.

In this volume, Ishida learns the terrible truth about how Ywach has risen to power and how that influences Ishida himself.  We already knew that all the Sternritter are assigned letters, A to Z, by Ywach, to describe their abilities (e.g., As Nodt is F for Fear). Ishida has a the letter ‘A’ – it will be interesting to see what word that will translate into in future volumes. But a lot of Ywach’s actions now make a lot of sense with the explanation by “B” grandmaster Jugram Haschwalth.  I am now very curious what ‘power’ was bestowed upon Ishida as a result.

Bringing Renji back brought some much needed fun back.  Renji learned a lot more about his sword and how to use it better.  As well, Rukia has a beautiful but devastating bankai – we can now see why it is considered the most beautiful of the ice swords.

The big surprise in this volume is Ukitake’s bankai. Not what could be expected but at the same time, it’s all over pretty quick in the battle.

This is definitely a ‘must have’ volume for the reveals and the full cover bankai pages. But also for the explanation of Yhwach.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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