Dengeki Daisy 15 by Kyousuke Motomi

In this, the penultimate volume in the series, we have a sprint to the finish as M’s Testament obsesses everyone. Author Motomi relaxes a bit from all the heavy tight panels and mystery/espionage to bring her trademark humanity back into the story. But it’s obvious right from the beginning that this is the beginning of the end of the story.


Story: Teru has been kidnapped once again – and once again she’s being used as a tool to get Daisy’s attention. When she wakes up, she’s on an odd island with a mysterious clue about M’s Last Testament flashing on a screen in a chapel. When Akira appears and is just as confused as she is, Teru recognizes there is much more at stake. Kurosaki and the crew will have to work double hard to find Teru and prevent Akira from decipher’s M’s Last Testament – or they all will die.

I’ve loved Dengeki Daisy from the start but admittedly, it did begin to drag over the last four volumes as the story shifted from the school and Teru x Kurosaki to move toward the mystery. I missed the double play of the unknown Daisy and antics at the school. The tone had shifted perceptibly when the focus from from the teens at the school to the adults around Kurosaki. Which isn’t to say that the adults didn’t have great characters; however, it did feel like Motomi escalated the story beyond an initial Daisy/Kurosaki theme when M’s Testament came in – stretching the tale beyond where it needed to go. I am glad that it is now heading to a final resolution.

With this volume, running toward the end, we have great moments again including Teru’s characteristic empathy. She’ll have to reach a very broken Akira and he won’t make it easy for her in any way.  But then, her strength and determination are a part of what made her such a fun character to follow.

With one volume left, this looks to wrap up neatly but perhaps not without some small tragedy.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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