The Lost Stars 3: Imperfect Sword by Jack Campbell

I honestly can’t get enough of all of the Lost Stars/Fleet/Beyond the Frontier novels. While others have complained that they are too much of the ‘same old’, I enjoy every single book that comes out.  With this third book in the Lost Stars timeline, worries that the storyline was becoming too soap operish with the Morgan developments were fortunately laid to rest. Here, we have pure action, this time on two fronts, and enough politics and double crossing to keep readers eager to see how it will all resolve.


Story: A CEO of the Ulindi Star System has declared independence from the Syndicates and seeks aid from Midway.  Drakon takes a dangerous amount of Midway’s defenses to help subdue the snakes at Ulindi and help the people to independence. But underground forces use the opportunity to raise serious trouble at Midway – forcing Iceni to make some terrible decisions.  Ironically, the Midway ground force is on another world and her space fleet may not be able to prevent her staff and those loyal to her from being overthrown.  It’s a gambit that could cost Midway everything and put the Syndics right back in control. Only the intelligence of their staff will save them.

Morgan is fortunately out of the picture in this book – it’s mostly about the other lieutenants under Drakon, sacrifices that will be made, and both Drakon and Iceni further wondering who they should – and who they suddenly can’t – trust.  People will go missing, assassination attempts become personal, and there are some great space and land battles this time.

I could still do without the whole ‘jealousy/women are overemotional’ thing with Iceni and Drakon. And Campbell definitely likes his ‘love triangles’ (which apparently aren’t only a YA staple). But really, they are minor quibbles considering how greatly I enjoy all the books in this universe.

I purchased the Audible version and while I enjoyed it, the narrator doesn’t have the range to really cover all the different characters in a Campbell book. As well, really poor production (annoyingly, distractingly loud intakes of breath were rampant) was disappointing.

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