Honey Blood 2 by Miko Mitsuki

Honey Blood 2 concludes the series without much in the way of resolution. Reading between the lines of the author notes, it looks like she wanted to take it further but had to end it before it could be developed into a longer storyline. As such, there is a lot of build up that isn’t really resolved.  Viz will be publishing a third book, Simply titled Honey Blood, which has a collection of one shots, 2 of which are Honey Blood, and the original short story upon which the title is based.


Story: The odd vampire attacks continue and Hinata soon encounters the person behind them: Junya’s rival from the Meiji era. He tells Hinata that she is the ancestor of the person Junya loved – her features looking a lot like that woman. Hinata doubts their relationship while Setsuna, the rival vampire, feeds on the streets to make up for his loneliness and loss over losing the woman from the past.

The vampire murders were pretty much glossed over and never resolved. I believe they were supposed to instill doubt and angst in Hinata’s relationship but the abrupt ending of the story curtailed that. As well, Hinata’s editor looked to have wanted to cause trouble but that also pretty much ended without resolution. The one shots in the next volume don’t resolve any plot points either.

Due to the abruptness, I’m not quite sure this title succeeds either in storytelling or art.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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