Seraph of the End 3 by Takaya Kagami, Yamato Yamamoto, Daisuke Furuya

Seraph of the End 3 brings Yuichiro’s trials to an end and into actual vampire battles. Of course, most of this book will be about his new squad and how he fits in with them (or doesn’t, as the case ends up). We get to see several types of cursed weapons and even Lt. Guren in action instead of smirking all the time.


Story: Now that Yuichiro has survived the trial and acquired his cursed demon sword, he is burning to get out and kill vampires.  He is assigned a new crew of mostly misfits and they do a reconnaissance mission outside of the walls. When they find a girl running, Yuichiro’s first instinct is to rush in and save her. But nothing is ever that easy and getting the crew to act in harmony and as a team will mean the difference between survival and becoming vampire fodder.

We have the typical shounen cliches here: tsundere girl, loose canon main character, misfit motley crew, and a lot of incredibly stupid, simpering vampires. Add in your typical “vampire bund” lolita queen and I’m wondering where this manga is going to go in order to find a bit more originality. It’s entertaining so far but we’ll have to see if it bring a bit more spark into the story in the future.

This volume brought us closer to what will likely be many confrontations between Mika and Yuichiro. And it will be interesting to see how the squad fares in the coming battles.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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