Spell of Desire 3 by Tomu Ohmi

Spell of Desire 3 is about Kaoruko and Kaname consummating their relationship in order for Kaoruko to realize her black witch abilities. There’s not a lot of action or magic – it’s mostly about both realizing the consequences of Kaname discarding his knight’s vows in order to be with Kaoruko.


Story: An incubus has been contracted to unleash Kaoruko’s black witch abilities. But Kaname isn’t the kind to share. Both realize that Kaname will have to perform the ritual if they don’t want the Witch council to do the same thing again. But to do so, Kaname will have to be dishonored – is the solution worth the consequences to both?

The story here seems to be all over the place. Ohmi shows that the Black Witch Queen’s powers are about control yet the council do a ritual where Kaoruko has no control over the situation in order to ‘release’ her magic. That doesn’t make a lot of sense and doesn’t seem well thought out. As well, the vacillating between going to the council then running away then going back again seem like a really poorly executed reason to create tension in the story.  It makes both characters, who should look strong for their willingness to sacrifice for each other, rather stupid. Shouldn’t someone actually take a moment to come up with a plan?

There is an appearance from a character in one of Ohmi’s previous works – a white wolf from Kindan no Koi de Ikou. But he doesn’t have much to do and I wish he had done more than cameo. He seems like he could be an interesting character all of his own.

I have to admit, I’m not really liking Kaname. All the pushing around, territoriality, and lack of intelligence is getting irritating. Pair it with Kaoruko’s blandness and there isn’t a lot of chemistry to be seen between the two.

This is a 5 volume series so I will likely follow it to the end. But I am really hoping for something better than what we’ve been given so far.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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