False Memories 2 by Isaku Natsume

False Memories, Volume 2, completes Nakano and Tsuda’s sweet tale and then segues into Saeki finding his own romance as well. Both stories are gentle and full of soul searching more than angst or passion. There are a few very graphic scenes at the conclusion of Nakano and Tsuda’s story but it does make for a pleasant read.


Story:  Nakano pours his heart out to poor Saeki at a local Otaku bar, telling him about Tsuda.  Tsuda, meanwhile, is searching everywhere that night trying to find Nakano, who isn’t answering his calls.  Calling favors from friends, Tsuda finally finds Nakano but only after Saeki sends a teasing photo of the two together. It takes a good talking together that night but Tsuda and Nakano learn to trust in each others’ feelings.  Saeki, meanwhile, is lonely despite having any girl he wants.  When the adult son of a coworker tries to get his attention about work recommendations, Saeki blows him off. But Kouhei is persistent and for a reason – he has more on his mind than a good place to find a job.

Author Natsume does a great job of giving each of the characters distinct personalities. Shy Nakano, aggressive Tsuda, playboy Saeki, and innocent Kouhei. We really care and want each of this Gundam nerds to find a soulmate within their Otaku world. Placing this with anime model builders really gives this series heart – they feel much more accessible and normal that way. Nerdy guys who love their work and are kids at heart.

The feel of the series is gentle and the conclusion here for both stories is given enough time to mature but not so long that it feels bloated.  It’s a good conclusion that really works.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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