Happy Marriage ?!? 10 by Maki Enjoji

Happy Marriage 10 brings the series to a conclusion on a high note. The resolve comes in the first three chapters and then there is an extra story at the end of the couple coping afterwards with their new life.  Author Enjoji smartly avoids a “criminal confessing at the end and being sent to jail” for a more realistic conclusion; though I could have done without Clue-like ending all the same.  But the story retains its sweetheart marshmallow center that made it such an engaging series.


Story: When the truth is finally revealed, that Hokuto is not blood related to the Mamiya family, he believes Chiwa will be safe. But the realization hits him who the culprit is who killed his mother and attempted to kill Chiwa. The only way to protect Chiwa is to divorce her and take her out of the line of succession for Mamiya. Chiwa lives with the heartache of being alone only so long before she decides to side with Hokuto’s grandfather and bring a resolution to Hokuto once and for all.

This is the big wedding volume and it is very sweet. The story really is about the two arguing but that those disagreements are the heart of their relationship and strengthens it. Even at the wedding, Chiwa is arguing and Hokuto is taking command of the situation and they will find a place to meet in the middle.

Most of the volume is about solving the mystery of Hokuto’s mother’s murder. Although we do have a confessional, it’s not a silly “aha! I caught you!” moment, which is nice. The guilty party seems genuinely aggrieved that Hokuto was made CEO-apparent.

In all, this wraps up nicely for a wonderful conclusion.  Reviewed from an ARC.

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