Chaos – Guards of the Shadowslands 3 by Sarah Fine

Chaos closes the Guards of the Shadowlands with a satisfying conclusion and plenty of action. Those who liked the first book especially will appreciate that most of Chaos takes place off Earth in the afterlife realms.


Story: Juri has stolen Malachi’s body and sent the guard to the Mazakin City – a place of endless torture by the entrapped Mazakin beaasts. Desperate to get Malachi back, Lela makes a deal with the Judge – she’ll go to the Mazakin dome, kill the queen, and destroy the portal.  Once that’s done, she can have Malachi back. Ana, still bitter over the loss of Takashi, goes with Lela. But what the women find there is more than just Malachi – it is a land of horrors revisted daily and with no escape – for eternity. Armed with on a few weapons, going up against a whole city, allies will betray, enemies become friends, and lost lovers reunited.

Chaos was a very good read – the action was nearly non stop.  I greatly appreciated how author Sarah Fine allowed the story to unwind slowly, without what could have been a very cliche “go in, kick butt, save hero, save world, escape.”  She escalates the action at each step, with plenty of twists and turns, discoveries and battles. Just when you think the battle is over, something new happens or Lela and her crew have an all new battle on their hands.

We get a lot of insight on a lot of the characters – from Lela’s mother, Takashi’s previous life, even more about Malachi, who suffers quite a bit in this novel.  This really is Lela’s story though – she drives all the action and does a lot of the saving. Malachi and crew spend much of the book either injured or out of the action. So here we truly have a heroine who is her own action hero.

I listened to the audible version and thought the narrator did an ok, but not great, job.  She had the right age sounding voice but the accents, from Japanese to Spanish, all tended to sound like bad Transylvania accent from a Vampire movie.

This was definitely the best book in the series and worth the read to the end.

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