Crushed by Eliza Crewe

Cracked, the first volume of this series, was my favorite book of last year.  Wonderfully snarky, incredibly funny, but also very fun, I loved the tone and the characters as well as the subtle jabs at the increasingly silly YA genre. With the second book in the series, we get all the action and sarcasm but the ante is upped quite the bit as Meda is faced with temptation after temptation. When the whole world wants her dead, and her only ally is an uptight crusader with a sort of dimwitted boyfriend, it’s not going to be easy for a half demon girl to stay on the right path.


Story:  Meda chose the Crusaders at the end of the first volume but that doesn’t mean they necessarily choose her in return. Life at the compound is unpleasant as Meda deals with bullying and open dislike. But even more frustrating, the half demon boy she met in the cage in hell has found her and wants her to give in to her demon side. Two sides of the same coin, the pair can be a terrible force in the world or choose the good path – and deal with the unpleasantness of that life. Fortunately for Meda, she has Jo to literally knock sense into her and keep her grounded. Except being confined behind locked doors feels a lot like being imprisoned, and Meda doesn’t like being jailed.

Yes, this sequel is every bit as good as the first volume. Crewe keeps the tone intact with the trademark bon mots and witticisms.  Reading a YA has never been as fun as it is with this series, especially with all the pokes at insta-love, perfect heroes and heroines who don’t kill, the idea that good is always good and evil is always bad, and that a main character doesn’t have to be either a hero or an anti-hero in order to be engaging.

Although I received the first book as an ARC, I purchased the hardcopy immediately for my library.  If/when Crushed comes out in physical form, I will certainly purchase that version as well.  For me, it’s a classic that I will treasure for years to come.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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