Emerging Fashion Designers 4 by Sally Congdon-Martin

Emerging Fashion Designers 4 continues the series introducing and highlighting some of the most innovative students from 11 American schools.  The apparel shown is diverse – from bathing suits to lingerie, ski wear to yoga. As well, the materials are even more diverse, utilizing up to the minute materials such as 3D printing or ‘found’ objects such as wood veneer. Designs can be utilitarian or avant-garde, fashion forward or retro influenced. There really is quite a huge rage of designs inside.


The book is broken down by designers.  Each receives a 2-3 page spread that can include photographs, designs, or both. A small write up details inspirations and their thoughts on the designs. Advisers are listed as well as materials in a separate call out. Finally, their name and school is prominently displayed.

Designers are listed by name in the front index. Schools are also given their own index.  In the back of a book is a very useful index that shows name, page number, and a small picture for easy reference. That index is broken down by school.

There really are no duds in here and the choices are well done. As would be expected of school students, the images vary in quality but there are very few poorly photographed. Admittedly, for this to be a 5 star book, I’d have liked to see the concept sketch for each outfit to really give an idea of the student’s talent and vision.

In all, excellent for networking or inspiration.  Reviewed from an ARC.

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One Response to Emerging Fashion Designers 4 by Sally Congdon-Martin

  1. yasminroses says:

    Omg those pants…..(faints)

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