Think Eat Move Thrive by Dr. James Rouse and Debra Rouse

I’ve rated this at 3 stars because although I did not find the book useful, that opinion was a personal preference and likely not indicative of most readers’ experiences: I firmly believe many, if not most, will find this inspirational. The book is well written, very personal, and full of sound advice. But it is also an extremely nebulous, new age/hippy, heal the spirit type of approach that unfortunately has never appealed or worked for me. As well, it felt like it was intended for a much older audience, perhaps those retired, as a reminder to keep moving and make life as rich as possible.


The book breaks down as follows: Part 1: Think Change, Think Confidence, Think Power, Think Happy, Think Summary. Part 2: Why Eat, Eat Outcomes, Eat Habits, Eat For Your Brain, Eat Summary; Part 3: Move: Move your Perspective, Move your Mindset, Move your Routine, Move your Brain, Move Summary; Thrive. Appendixes include: The TEMT Program, The Next 30 days with TEMT, Recipes. Notes, Glossary.

The book stays very personal by bringing in both Rouse and his wife’s experiences, history, thoughts, emotions, and spiritual growth. There is a strong emphasis of wellness, love, motivation and acceptance. Topics such as neurotransmitters and how to use them, hormones, fire your critic and hire your coach, the happiness factor, laugh to a  longer life, moving from me to we, sugar and aging, destress through diet, and more give an idea of the soft and some scientific topics covered in the book.

This is a book needed by many – a spiritual reawakening for the golden years and how to be a fine citizen and good person. What it wasn’t was a lifestyle change focusing on diet and health/fitness. It’s more about the complete package transformation of body and soul.

Reviewed from an ARC.

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