The Body Electric by Beth Revis

Sliding into Revis’ new book, The Body Electric, was as smooth and easy as her previous novels (and indeed, this is set in the same universe). Adults will likely recognize the “Stepford Wives” inspired story as well as the numerous Philip K. Dick influences (Bladerunner, Total Recall). But those not old enough to see a movie in the 1970s-1980s will find this a fun novel with enough twists and turns to keep the reader interested. Revis stays true to her trademark strong female protagonist and gentle romance.


Story: Several hundred years in the future, Ella lives on Malta in a City grown from the ashes of a devastating war. Her parents are brilliant scientists but one died in an accident and the other is succumbing to a disease staved off only by the use of nanobots. She spends her day working at a spa that helps people recreate their favorite memories through dreams. When she enters a person’s dream, something no one has been able to do before, her world will be thrown into chaos as everything she has ever known about herself will become a lie.

Revis has a beautiful writing style that draws a reader in from page one. The story moves nicely and the reveals allowed to happen organically.  There are enough twists and turns to make the book distinct, though admittedly quite a few were obvious and predictable. But it made for a compelling read. I do still wish we didn’t have to have the cackling ‘evil’ unmasked at the end so he/she can tell us all about her evil plans.

I did like most of the characters. Ella is a strong minded/willed lead who will have to navigate quite a few hardships as she finds out more about herself. Love interest Jack is bland and predictable but likeable. He honestly doesn’t factor much into the story, though, despite being in many scenes.

There are several somewhat annoying logic holes but not enough to deter reading. Readers of Revis’ previous series will appreciate the reference in The Body Electric to the “Titanic of the Stars” ship called Godspeed. And since this is in the same style, this is a good fit for those that liked the Across the Universe books.

This is a stand alone story. I look forward to her next book and hope it will be set in the same world.

Reviewed from an E-copy provided by the publisher.

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