Second Daughter by Susan Kaye Quinn

Second Daughter continues Quinn’s exuberant bollywood steampunk series, keeping the action high and adding in more political intrigue.  Although the books are titled after the 3 daughters, the story only follows third daughter Aniri’s perspective throughout. Which isn’t a bad thing since she’s our plucky heroine and the one we want to read about.


Story: Aniri is worried that she is moving too quickly into marriage with Ash; her hesitation is starting to worry her fiance. When she receives news that her sister, Seledri, has been poisoned, she puts off her marriage to run Samara to make sure her sister is fine. She will soon be swept up in the shifting politics of the volatile kingdom and have to find a way to secret her pregnant sister away before the next assassination attempt is successful.

Seledri wasn’t mentioned much in the first volume so it was nice to see her situation with her husband, first prince Pavan. Of course, being pregnant, she doesn’t do much in the story except be a figure who needs to be protected by both her husband and Aniri. Their eldest sister also makes an appearance briefly but this is Aniri and Seledri’s story.

We’re given more story about the sisters’ missing father but the heart of the book is the deteriorating relationship between Ash and Aniri – and the reappearance of Dev. Fortunately, most of the side characters from the first book make a reappearance – from handmaiden Priya to engineer Karan.

The plot continues seamlessly from the first book, segueing right into the difficulties Aniri will have to overcome in Second Daughter.  She will make poor decisions – mostly from indecision this time – and have to make them right later. But she’ll also go out and save the day as only she can.

In all, a very enjoyable read with very likeable characters.

Reviewed from an E copy provided by the publisher.

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