The Fine Print of Self-Publishing by Mark Levine

The Fine Print of Self Publishing really is an excellent primer on working with small print companies.  There are a few discussions on large print houses (should one be lucky enough to get a large contract) and publishing without a company, but the focus is on avoiding common pitfalls that defeat publication.  For first time authors who aren’t sure what avenue to pursue now that they have written a book, this can be very eye opening and the information extremely useful.


The book breaks down as follows: The basics of self publishing; self publishing essentials; from manuscript to distribution; The profile of a great self publishing company; The fine print of publishing contracts; E book publishing; Marketing your book; An apples to apples comparison of major self publishing companies. Included in the appendixes are : Standard POD trim size offerings from lightning source; self publishing checklist; e-book distribution and royalties comparison; Tips for recognizing a great self publishing company; author volume discounts; return policies for book production files; author royalties: print sales; author royalties: hook sales; book marketing checklist.

As can be seen from above, very specific and detailed advice and recommendations are given. Bot soft topics are covered too – most particularly how to separate yourself emotionally from your work so you can properly market it. Vanity vs self publishing, and the need to invest in your work are the heart of the advice here. Time and money (and luck) are requirements for a successful book.

I found this to be very useful, thorough, and informative. The author comes from the perspective of a publisher, writer, and marketer of books. Although sometimes it felt like an extended advert for his publishing house, it’s a small nitpick in an otherwise informative book.

Reviewed from an ecopy provided by the publisher.

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