Dark Triumph – His Fair Assassin 2 by Robin LeFevers

Dark Triumph benefits from giving us a very different type of person than in Grave Mercy – a more tortured, rebellious, and noble born woman. Yet, at the same time, a lot of the problems with the first book continue: the characters react emotionally and violently rather than intelligently, politics and situations lack momentum or edge, and the dearth of nuances in the plot render the story somewhat inert beyond and below the action scenes.


Story: Sybella never trusted the abbess of Mortain; turns out, for a good reason as she is sent back to her father, Albret’s, home to spy for the convent. She deals with her abusive father and incestuous brother by assassinating her father’s followers and despoiling his plans as often as possible. When she frees a man nicknamed “Beast”, she will find herself unwillingly drawn to the ugly but noble man.

LeFever’s writing continues to be smooth and flows organically. It makes this a quick and easy read – entertaining if perhaps not satisfying. Those who enjoyed the first will very likely enjoy this second book in the series. Although the two main characters come from different backgrounds, both are impetuous, emotional, and action-oriented. Especially in this sequel, the action is ramped up and constant throughout. There are very few slow parts. Despite the dark theme, both girls are very relatable to a modern audience.

Reviewed from an ecopy provided by the publisher.

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