Hide and Seek 3 by Yaya Sakuragi

Hide and Seek is the third and final volume in this sweet and mature romance series. I’ve really enjoyed following the relationship of our two main characters: each is unique and distinct and don’t follow the cliches often found in this genre. Author Sakuragi does a great job of letting their relationship unfold organically and without high drama or over the top situations: there are no jealous lovers, deus ex machina plot devices, unlikely coincidences, or misunderstandings. Rather, Hide and Seek 3 is the culmination of the story of two men who come to respect and then love each other despite their different backgrounds.


Story: Tanihara is still considering his situation – both with the kiosk he runs and with Dr. Saji. Saji never pushes or rushes the relationship, which gives Tanihara time to decide how he feels about this change in his life. As he spends more time with the pediatrician, he slowly begins to understand his own heart and that sometimes, the best things in life are the ones that are completely unexpected.

The art is clean and the storytelling languid. But it comes to a natural conclusion with an extra side story to finish the volume. The storytelling is wonderfully mature with a few graphic sex scenes in the middle. Those who enjoyed the first two books in the series will definitely enjoy finishing the story of Tanihara and Saji.

Reviewed from an ecopy provided by the publisher.

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