HIIT It! by Gina Harney

Hiit It! is a well thought out and easy to follow interval exercise program especially suitable for those who do not have a gym or current exercise plan (or are new to exercise programs). The information inside is timely, routines easy to follow and perform, plans don’t require equipment, and it isn’t onerous to do. In fact, the author makes the point often that overexercising or doing too much is counterproductive.


The book breaks down into two parts: Fitness and Diet.

The fitness section describes using exercise to get fit and how to target certain problem areas. But the focus is on interval training (alternating slower and then more strenuous exercises in a 30 minute period). The exercises have easy to follow photographs and instructions that make them easy to understand and perform. Plans for the exercises are provided in tables that are especially friendly and seamless to use since they are broken down by day of the week, accomplishment desired, and specific exercises to be used. The important difference between this and other interval training/exercise plans is that the author encourages readers to change up the routines every 4 to 6 weeks to prevent plateauing and get the best results. Nearly all aspects of exercising is discussed within this section – from what to do when you are sick to travel. There are so many different plans that readers will not get bored of doing the same routines over and over.

The diet section is pretty much about eating smart rather than a specific focus (e.g., paleo or low carb). Recipes include BBQ Zcchini chips to Quonoa trail mix muffins. With each recipes is an introduction, what it provides in terms of carbs, fat, proteins, directions/serving size, and ingredient list.  There aren’t any pictures but I see these as more of a guide on what to eat rather than some crazy recipe using exotic ingredients. This section does have a lot of different tips and advice that are all right on target. From saving time to making the most of different types of foods.

What I found most impressive with the book are the clarity and breadth of information. This is clearly well thought-out, with ease of use in mind. Author Harney doesn’t just throw facts and expect people to blindly follow. Rather, we clearly have someone who has ‘worked in the trenches’ and seen ways that people fail or succeed. Making the routines infinitely usable, with variety, and then adding in a diet section that is informative but easy to follow make this book very much a winner.

I’ve read many diet and fitness books over the years and was very impressive with HIIT it. It’s obvious when an author has taken the time to think through the presentation of her material and give us a book that is not only useful but also usable. She has a very friendly and encouraging tone throughout but is never condescending or fake. It’s the type of book that can really get you motivated to effectively bring fitness and diet into your lifestyle.

Reviewed from a copy provided by the publisher.

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